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Testimonials from some of our Satisfied customers

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“Thanks again for the great job on the bus !”

Larry “The Cable Guy”


“Thank You and Teresa for your fantastic work, your service is impeccable.”

Jeff Kent,

MVP 2000
Los Angeles Dodgers

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“Daves Mobile Detail, great work on my bus it has never looked better!”

Kevin Fowler,
Country Music Artist
Austin, TX


” Dave and Teresa have been washing our bus’s for a few years now
and always do a great job, and they are a pleasure to deal with. “

Dennis Gale


” Thanks again for the fantastic service on Friday !
Your attention to detail and professionalism was greatly appreciated. “

Charlotte Morris,
Executive Assistant to the
Chief Executive Officer
Cedar Park Regional Medical Center


” Great Job on the detail work on the Porsche !Back to a showroom look,
even though is a year older, well 13 years older. “

Dave Bruno


” Yes, it’s a smaller company but is all the more personal because of it.
This guy is a magician! I’m a college student, so life was STRESSFUL
when my Mazda 3 got filled with water during the hurricane. But Dave was
there to make it all go away. Not only did he strip everything out and dry it
with a quick turn-around, but it looks even better than when I got it!

And his wife is the woman behind the man. I was worried about the work
at first, so she e-mailed me pictures and made me feel comfortable the
whole way through. They get my business from now on!
David Copperfield who?! Haha! “

Christopher Jack
Austin, TX


” I left my investment with him and was relieved when I came back a few days
Dave saved my baby (my car – don’t judge me!!!!) from looking and smelling
bad on the inside. I had an unlucky situation of getting caught in a flash flood
on my way home during Hurricane Hermine. I soaked up and dried everything
I could and thought I was good to go. However, I still took my car to Dave
who showed me the real problem with the water that soaked into my car
(water in the padding and puddles in my frame). He quoted me a fair price
and his excellent customer service is what sold me in the end.

later to pick it up as he had worked wonders on car! Thanks saving me
Dave & Theresa and I plan on coming back to you for all my detail needs.”


Brian Grimes
Austin, TX

12 13

” Thank you so much for getting rid of the road tar/oil we picked up on a recent road trip.
Dave & Theresa

We were heartsick to discover the mess, but y’all took care of it and the Mercedes looks
so shiny, bright, glistening and just plain wonderful. The interior spruce up was magical too.
“The Captain (retired)” even put on her white gloves for the inspection and was totally impressed

…and you have the picture to prove it.
Thanks again for the truly fantastic detail work, your passion for your work comes through
in the results. We’ll be bringing the Honda (“ol’ reliable” as our grandson calls it)
in for some detailing soon. “


Steve & Lynn McCourt
Sun City Texas





” Dave gave new life to my 11 year old red and very oxidized volvo paint job.
I was considering a paint job but now there is no need. Instead of the white filmy oxidized
finish of the paint, I got back a finish that looks like the finish on a new fire engine.

I dropped my car off on a Tuesday and Dave said it would be ready on Friday.
He called a day early to come pick it up. It looks great. First class job.

He was also able to get my wheels completely free of brake dust and residue that had
been embedded into my wheel finish. “

James W.
Cedar Park, Texas


” It looked like it was brand new!
Great Job! The Duck was brought back to life, “


Paul Mahler

” I would recommend these folks to anyone. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE.
They come to you! They were on time, gave me a fair and honest quote with
no hidden costs and did a beautiful job on my 2000 Honda Prelude.
It looks like a new car. They covered everyinch of it with loving care and the
result was even more than I expected.

I give them a 5-star rating. You won’t find friendlier, more honest or more
thorough detailing experts anywhere.”


Nina Pace
South Austin, TX

” My truck is not new but its not old either. This 2002 prize has  been through
its share of hail storms, door dings, belt buckle scratches and foreign rocks
from nowhere. I have fully believed in washing it once a year whether it
needed it or not so you get the picture. When I saw Dave’s truck driving
down the road I was hopefully reserved and decided to give him a shot.

His wife Theresa was my first contact and what a prize. She was a pleasure
to talk to. Very understanding and accommodating, we finally were able to
reach an appointment date that agreed with us both. They had my car at
their shop and called at the end of the day saying they weren’t totally happy
with the way it came out considering all of the abuse and wanted to make it
“right” but it would cost more. I agreed to the more and they were willing to
bring me the truck and come back tomorrow and pick it up again. I told them
to keep it overnight and call me when it was ready the next day.

The next day came and I got the call around 9:00 that morning. My wife and
I went to pick it up. As we came round the cul-de-sac, I couldn’t believe my
eyes. There sat my truck glowing like new. I had not seen that truck look that
good both inside and out since the day I bought it dings and scratches all
withstanding. The job was so good after my wife saw it, she wanted hers
done and before we left we made an appointment to have
her subaru Tribe ca done. “

Thanks Dave and Theresa.
You do what you say and then some.
Keep the flag flying.

Dave and Jan Cason

” My car sat in my driveway for a week while I was out of town and,
when I returned, I discovered A LOT of over spray on it that came from
painters who were spraying a new house being built next to mine.
My black Hummer was almost completely affected by the small particles of
tan paint. You told me this was one of the worst you have seen so I wasn’t
too optimistic on what the results would be but I have to tell you that I am
absolutely amazed.

The level of detail and care you put into this job was
extremely obvious. My paint looks and feels like it is straight off the
showroom. Thank you for being passionate about your service and taking
the time to do it right. My neighbors see my car everyday and immediately
noticed and commented on how great it looked…thank you!”

Rene D. Truan
Deputy Commissioner
Professional Services

” I wanted to email you to thank you for doing such a great job on all
Red River Waste Solutions equipment and personal toys. I’m no celebrity
by any means but you folks that are really should keep Dave’s Auto Detailing
in mind. They’re good respectable people and a pleasure to be around.
I look forward to seeing you guys again and call me back ASAP
because I have some more for you. “


” I brought my black 2000 Dodge Dakota to Dave’s Detailing. This truck was a mess. First,
Dodge was not known for having paint that could stand up to time. If you see a Dodge
Dakota from that time-frame you will notice the fading. Second, this truck spent its life within
10 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. Salt air is a killer of paint and metal. Finally and worse of all the
truck was through a fire. It was in for service and the building burned down around it.

The people who owned the building tried to clean it, remove the soot. The clear coat was
damaged and the paint had large swirl marks from where they tried to clean it. I brought the
truck to Dave’s Detailing to see if there was anything he could do. I notice three things while
Dave checked out the truck.

Dave is an perfectionist, he is the type of person who will do nothing less then his best;
Dave is an expert, his careful examination and testing of the truck’s finish in several areas before
working on it showed his expertise;

Dave loves his work, he has great pride in the finish product. Dave was able to take this
truck that had been through fire, salt, and time and restore the black paint and make it SHINE.
This truck had belonged to my baby brother who passed away last year. It is one of the
few things I have left to remember him. To say it is special to me is an understatement.

Dave’s expertise and hard work restored the beauty and shine to my late brother’s pride and joy.
I highly recommend Dave’s Detailing. If you want it done right, if you want it done by someone
who knows what they are doing, who cares about their work, then get it done at Dave’s Detailing.

Thank you Dave and Theresa. “

Leon Bair
Round Rock, Texas


” I can’t thank these folks enough for the great work they did with my Passat. I had an unfortunate
incident involving an injured dog that resulted in the interior of my car being entirely splattered
with dog blood top to bottom, front to back. It was an unbelievable mess when I handed the car
off to them. They got all of it, from the headliner to the carpet. Not only that, when I went out the
next day there was absolutely no residual stench.

Fantastic job! Theresa & Dave – I am incredibly grateful to both of you, for your immediate
responsiveness to my plight, for the kindness and consideration you showed me while
I was very stressed. The car looks wonderful and I recommend you most highly! “

Debra P.

” My husband and I decided to sell one of our vehicles. We needed to get it detailed so it would
like great for the sale. We searched around to fine a couple shops that seemed pretty nice
and in line with our pricing. I came across Dave’s website but did not read all the way through
before calling. Little did I know, I was asking some pretty amateur questions, not realizing how
professional Dave’s business was. I did not quite understand why the pricing was a little higher
than these other shops.

After getting off the phone and reviewing his website again, all throughout, I realized if we
really wanted it done right, Dave was the guy.And of course, we were not disappointed.
His staff is highly professional and covered every detail of the car without me having to ask.
Their attention to detail was excellent and he had it done faster than we expected.

It was worth every penny and we will definitely continue| to recommend him.
Our car looks brand new again! “

Rachelle and Jon Abbott

” I wanted to take this time to thank DW paint for resolving the overspray issue that
we experienced. Everything went well, and all vehicles that were involved have been
cleaned and signed off as acceptable by Bestek and their employees. Dave and his crew
did an excellent job (and it was quite a large job since the paint had been on the vehicles
for over 30 days) and were very accommodating to our schedule. He did a great job,
all were well pleased with his service. Again, “

thank you,


BEST.DETAILERS.EVER. Is there much else to say??
Cannot wait to see what you do with my other cars!

Maria B.

” Dave and Theresa, Jimi and I were really happy to meet you both, and the bike is
awesome! Jimi followed me home when we left after picking it up, and there were
lots of people on the freeway who were looking at the bike and telling him how great
it looked… 🙂 Pictures just don’t do it justice – it’s the best it’s looked since it was new!

We will definitely be back to keep it looking so good, the work you put into it shows

it’s just beautiful! Thanks so much! “

Jimi and Katie