Paint Removal

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[title size=”2″]Paint Removal[/title]

Dave’s Mobile Auto Detail of Austin provides expert Paint Removal Service !

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[title size=”2″]Clay Bar Procedure[/title]

Dave’s Auto Detail of Austin are experts at Clay Bar Procedure !



Detailing clay bars are sweeping the car care industry!

Formerly reserved for professional detailers and car dealers, clay bars have made their way into the garages of hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers thanks to its ease of use and fantastic results. Detailing Clay is a car care revolution!

Detailing Clay Bars were invented in Japan in the late 1980s to remove over spray and minor flaws from freshly painted vehicles at body shops. The preferred (and only) method of dealing with surface imperfections in the states was compounding, which does remove tiny layers of clear coat
every time you do it.

When detailing clay bars finally made it to the U.S., it didn’t make waves right away, not even a ripple. Thats because only dealers and body shops were privy to the new technology. It took years for clay bars to trickle down to the car-loving masses but once it did, enthusiasts were hooked. Silky, shiny, clean paint without polishing? You bet! Thats the magic of detailing clay bars.

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[title size=”2″]Oxidation Removal[/title]

Dave’s Auto Detail of Austin provides expert Oxidation Removal Services !

ox_03xUV radiation is universal, unrelenting, and can never be totally eliminated. Not only does it burn human skin, it burns the exterior “skin” of motor vehicles, aircraft, boats, and trailers. This process is called “oxidation”. Every surface is fair game. Paint, plastic, rubber, and vinyl, just to name a few. Paint turns dull, then chalky.

Rubber seals and bumpers turn white, dry out, and become hard as a rock. Vinyl trim will also turn white and eventually crack. Hard plastic (air dams, side mirrors, trim) react similarly to paint.

We use products that remove oxidation, restore original gloss or color, and others that protect those surfaces
from future damage

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[title size=”2″]Scratch Removal[/title]

Dave’s Auto Detail of Austin provides expert Scratch Removal Service!

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[title size=”2″]Swirl Removal[/title]

Dave’s Auto Detail of Austin provides expert Swirl Removal Services !

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You’ve just noticed swirls, spider-web lines, water spots, hazy patches or minor blemishes in your car’s paint or clear coat finish. Don’t panic, all cars get them and they can be fully removed or, at least, made visually
less noticeable.

Dave’s Mobile Auto Detail of Austin provides expert Swirl Removal Service !

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