Fence Staining & Painting

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Fence Staining & Painting

We provide Fence & Deck Staining & Painting
in Austin Texas and Sourrounding Areas


We specialize in fence and deck restoration with services that include, cleaning weathered gray fences,
sealing new fences and fences that have recently been restored back to there original color and condition.

Our Service provides absolute attention to detail !

The fence shown was built in 1990 |
and will now last for decades!

call (512) 431 – 9755 or email us for a quote

We will make your house and backyard beautiful for years.
These pictures show our actual results of the same fence before and after we stained it.

In the Austin area, moisture quickly degrades unprotected wood resulting in mildew and rot. Without stain, even new fences and decks quickly turn gray and start to mildew.  It’s so easy to fix.  Best of all, staining your fence is a great investment because it protects your fence from Texas moist climate for years to come.First, we strip away all of the graying, mildew, and rot that has accumulated on your fence.  Next, we apply a high-quality waterproofing protect ant stain. The result is an old eyesore turned into a beauty that lasts.

TCD Fence Staining is the Austin Texas leader in fence and deck staining.
We specialize in staining both new and old fences, as well as fence repair.

We provide Excellent Wood Fence and Deck Fence Staining, Painting and Restoration Service!

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